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New 5D weight loss machine Skin Tightening Portable Vacuum Slimming Machine

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  • Brand Name: beir
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Application: Body
  • Material: ABS & TPR
  • Certification: CE
  • Size: Medium
  • Model Number: VC-024 cavitacion
  • Function 1: Strong fat blasting, fat removal
  • Function 2: Dissolve fat
  • Function 3: Tighten skin
  • Function 4: Enhance skin elasticity
  • Function 5: Improve orange peel tissue and slim body shape
  • Function 6: Anti-aging acid balance
  • Function 7: Massage plastic
  • Technology: The introduction of magnetic health technology
  • Serve 1: Support customization
  • Serve 2: Lifetime online technical support

5D Stereoscopic Engraving Instrument

Overview of functional principles

1, Strong fat blasting, fat removal

The use of concentrated strong sound waves of sound waves emitted by the
frequency of up to 80000HZ sound waves, after entering the human body can
make people body fat cell produces a kind of intense impingement action and the
frictional motion between adipose cell, can use up quantity of heat effectively, use
up the water content of the cell, make adipose cell shrinks, when sound wave
vibrates additionally, can make the generation between the cell is strong crack
bump, the cell is instantaneous Blast, adipose cell decreases, achieve thereby
purify adipose effect.
2, Dissolve fat, lymphatic detoxification, tighten skin, enhance
skin elasticity
With the combination of advanced rf technology and energy rf, it can reach
the adipose body deeply and has targeted rf transmission Out of the excellence,
so that the adipocyte tissue in a rapid state of activity, the production of heat
energy of the cell body friction heat, so that the local temperature rise, through
the sweat glands, liver and intestinal circulation and lymph will be the body of
excess fat and toxins excreted in order to achieve dissolution The effect of fat.
3. Improve orange peel tissue and slim body shape
Biological waves generated by the energy electrodes of the apparatus
stimulate the body at the corresponding acupoints, using different frequencies
and pulses in the body The interaction of multiple physical electrons can
effectively stimulate the fat body and make the body move, so as to eliminate it
again Use quantity of heat and adipose, in order to achieve the effect that model
beautiful body.
4. The introduction of magnetic health technology
Magnetism can activate cell energy and promote blood circulation. Free
radical scavenging blood vessel wall, lowering blood viscosity, lowering blood
lipid; Calm down, Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, detumescence; Improve the body
immunity; Anti-aging effect.
5. Anti-aging acid balance
According to the acid-base balance, acid-base neutralization theory, a large
number of acidic substances are gathered in the pathological parts of the body,
and the acidic substances are as for the wastes that have not been metabolized
by human body,5D stereoscopic engraving instrument integrates light,
electricity, magnetism and infrared ray function in one, for the modern sub
health conditions, soothing, physical therapy, beauty and other functions; By
vacuum suction, Far infrared ray, magnetic therapy and photoelectric
combination, smooth lymphatic pipeline, accelerate the body's metabolism,
blood circulation, accelerate poison. The metabolism of element and the
absorption of nutrient composition, relieve pain, health care, thus play the role
of acid.

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New 5D weight loss machine Skin Tightening Portable Vacuum Slimming Machine
New 5D weight loss machine Skin Tightening Portable Vacuum Slimming Machine


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